If you owned a printer, it is essential that you should also know how to fix common errors on printers. Instead of calling repairman every time, you must know how to do it? Instead of speculating about the faults in the printers, you should see the exact error and get it resolve instantly. Do the routine check of the printer, and if you won’t find the solution, check the manufacturers website or call printer technical support to any third party vendors. We bring you a list of common error that often arises with a printer.

Cable issue– This is the commonest type of problem that loses connectivity among printers and monitor, if you found that monitor is not connected to the printer, check all cables, remove them and re-insert them to the port. Turn off the power and turn it on again to check.

Cartridges issue– Check the cartridges of a printer to ensure they are installed properly, check weather printer cartridges are empty, if you found it empty, replace it with the new one. If cartridges have sufficient ink, re-install the cartridges and re-start the printer.

Software and driver issues- make sure that software’s and drivers are properly installed in the computer if you see frequent errors on screen, update/re-install the drivers, or if HP printer software is poorly installed, it will create hurdles to initiate the printing process. Also, see if the firewall is preventing certain commands, open the firewall setting and for certain applications turn off the firewall to run the program.

Print and paper setting– check the print setting if you found the common error on the printing process, make sure paper put in the tray in the right manner, so conjunctions can be avoided. Check if the correct printer has selected to do a printing job.

Apart from above if you found other printing error, visit manufacturers website and visit the forum for HP troubleshooting. You will find the answers from the users. To download/update drivers you can select printer model number and download the drivers. For more information, visit: http://www.printerfixit365.com/ and talk to the printer customer support technician.

  1. All these errors are very common for printers.I was facing printer paper jam problem & call these guys.They resolve my printer issues.Thanks for solving my printer isues.

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