For most of the printer owners, paper jam is a common and frequent issue that hampers their work and assignments. It doesn’t matter if you buy an advance or expensive printer chances are always high that your printer can get stuck due to jamming of a paper. Read further to learn how to clear a paper jam in a desktop inkjet printer. You can also consult the experts of Brother Printer Tech Support to get a step-by-step assistance on this topic.

How to Clear a Paper Jam in Desktop Inkjet Printer

Switch off the Printer

Before you start clearing the paper jam, switch off your printer to reduce the chance of damaging the printer. It is advisable to unplug the printer from the power source to be extra safe.

Open up the main cover

Take out all the papers from the printer feed and output trays. Now open the main cover of your printer.

Gently move print head sideways to free paper

Print head is the main component of the inkjet printer that releases ink on the paper from the attached cartridges. If the paper is struck against the print head, it would not move sideways. Gently try to move the print head sideways in order to free the paper.

Slowly remove paper

Hold the paper firmly and try to pull it out very slowly. Be careful that the paper shouldn’t tear and also avoid pulling forcefully as it may injure you. To reach narrow areas use tweezers and slowly pull the paper by tugging from the left and right ends.

Remove the print head and try again

In case the paper is still jammed inside the printer, follow the instructions given in the instructional manual of your printer. If the paper is torn, slowly take out paper scraps. If the paper is intact, hold the crumbled paper with both hands and gently pull it downward.

Check the Output tray

Paper may also get struck in mechanisms near the output tray in inkjet printers. The paper may get struck in the slot feeding the output tray, so remove any paper visible there.

Try further disassembly

If your printer is still not working, disassemble the printer and remove any paper struck inside.

Clean the print heads

After you have removed the paper, run a print head cleaning process to get rid of any microfibers congesting the nozzles and causing printing issues.

Look for repair or replacement

In case your printer is still not working, it is advisable to contact an expert serviceman or repair service.

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In this way, you will be able to clear a paper jam in a desktop inkjet printer. For any issue regarding your printer, contact our Brother Printer Support Number 1-800-956-0247.

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