how-to-change-black-ink-to-color-on-a-dell-940-printer Many times users choose to change black ink to color ink. This involves the operating system of the computer as it has to perform some changes. If you are using a Dell 940 printer and want to change black ink to color, you can do it on any operating system. Read the following blog to learn how to perform this operation on your Dell 940 printer. For a detailed guidance on your Dell printer, contact our Dell Printer Tech Support experts.

Go to the Control Panel

To initiate this process, you first have to go to Control Panel of the computer. Click the Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel.

Open View devices and printers

In the Control Panel, click on View devices and printers. This will show you a list of printers that are attached to your computer.

Navigate to properties

Choose your printer from the displayed printers. Right click on the printer icon to bring up Options menu. From the list of options navigate to Properties section which will take you to the property sheet.

Set security and ports

Depending upon your operating system, you will see a number of tabs for that particular printer. You can set ports, security, color management and other settings.


Change the button settings

Finally, choose the color radio button in place of the black button. Close all the windows of Control Panel to exit to the desktop. These changes will make your printer print in color. Keep in mind to not accidently delete your printer. If you do so, you will have to either reload the driver for printer or redo every setting.

In this way, you will be able to change Black Ink to Color on a Dell 940 printer. For any query related to Dell printer, contact our Dell Tech Support Phone Number.