Canon printers are well known branded printers available in the market at affordable prices, so they are now in the big demand due to latest and user friendly features among users. These devices are also known as multifunction or multiple printers such as laser, photo, inkjet and more. By using these devices, you can print different types of documents as per your needs. Often, it shows some technical errors due to paper jam, driver installation and ink cartridge. Now most common B200 error is described below, which can create different problems among users but with the assistance of canon printer tech support, you will be capable of solving all complex errors easily.

Each error of canon printer has been explained with the name of error code. Initially, you need to identify the error and apply the right solution as per your requirements. Each error has been described with the best possible solutions to make canon printer functional.

How to understand B200 Error:-

B200 is a technical error related with ink cartridge. This error occurs when your cartridge is installed and it is not fixed properly or ink is not properly in the contact of cartridge or some technical problems arise when a cartridge is clean.

Error Code 5400:-

Why this error 5400 occurs into the printer?  Because the internal temperature of a printer is abnormal. How to remove this error, you need to remove cartridge unit or printer head and logic board carefully and try to set up canon printer in the same way. If you feel any kind of inconvenience, you should go immediately for canon printer help.

Error Code 9000:-

This error code 9000 occurs due to USB Overcurrent problem, when numerous commands are applied on USB HOST VBUS.  If this problem occurs again, you should need to connect with canon printer technical support with the best possible solutions as per your user’s needs.


Error Code 5110:-


This error code 5110 occurs when a carriage does not move up or down properlyYou need to check remaining papers or other materials inside the carriage that jams its movement in the right direction. If this error occurs again and again, you have to replace the carriage unit or switch the system unit with new one.

Error Code 6A90:-


This error appears typically when at the time of paper feeding which affects the print quality. You have to check the paper debris or other trapped materials and if you find anything remove it immediately. And also check the ASF unit to find any paper jammed or other materials and remove it immediately. However, if despite of these efforts if you fail to fix the error you have to replace either purge drive or login board or you can call for online canon printer assistance and will get instant online help with right solution.