Do you have many computers and laptops in your office or home and use a single Kodak printer to take out print outs? If yes, it will be very helpful for you if you create a print server and connect all devices to the same printer with the assistance of it. It will not save the price of purchasing additional printers but will also ignore the awkwardness of using many cable wires. Learn how to create a print server? In addition, you should take expert advice from Kodak Printer Technical Support team round the clock, if you want to create a print server.

Install the Ethernet network adapter-

If you have not installed Ethernet network adapter card into the computer, you need to install he Ethernet network adapter card. If you have installed card previously, you can avoid this step. The card must at least be 10 MbPS PCI.

Join the devices-

Join up the computer to keyboard, mouse and monitor. Switch on the computer system and connect it to internet connection.

Install the software of your Kodak printer-

You can use the internet to download the installation software for your Kodak printer.  You can also use a disk to install the software.

Online Technical Guidelines to Create a Print Server

Connect Kodak printer-

Join Kodak printer to the computer system according to the instructions provided during the installation procedure.  In the certain cases, Kodak printer must be disconnected before installation procedure.

Install the software of printer server-

Using your internet or disk drive, you need to install the printer server software on the computer system. You need to follow the tips which are displayed during the installation procedure to connect the printer with the software. Always remember that various server software have various ways to set up the server and syncing it with your Kodak printer.

Connect workstations and all laptops to new printer server-

Now, you can connect new printer server to all laptops and workstations. You can do it with the assistance of wireless router or Ethernet cables. This is advised that you must connect with new printer server to wireless router so that you can connect it to several laptops properly.

Disconnect the devices from printer server computer system-

The printer server computer can run without the necessity of being connected to monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you have any issue, you should call Kodak Printer Customer Support team for quick help.